CoVid has changed the world in ways that many of us would never have thought possible and for those who have loved ones who are sick in isolation, it can feel like CoVid has stolen precious moments from our lives.

Whether your loved ones are in hospital because of CoVid, or because of some other health issue, it’s likely that the current precautions in place mean that you can’t get in to see them.  Hospitals worldwide have locked out most visitors.

So what can you do?  If your loved one is awake and aware and you’re both tech-savvy, you may be able to stay in touch by phone or webcam…. but if they are deathly ill, you may find yourself leaving your final goodbyes on their voicemail while they sleep.

It can be hard to say the things your heart wants to say but when leaving messages is all we’ve got, you realize that we need to do better. For everyone who isn’t in this horrible bind yet, CoVid is nudging you to act now, so that you don’t get caught without a way to express your love.

Write love letters now.

Write love letters to everyone you know. Don’t let a single compliment live in your heart without delivering it.   Now that we are stuck at home, use that time to tell people what you love and appreciate about them.

Grief Recovery work, often centres on the things that we wished we’d said when we had the time and right now, most of us have time. Tell someone that you love them.

Tell everyone that you love them.

It’s easy to feel like we are powerless at a time like this but spreading love is something that everyone can do.   Right now the world is hungry for love and touch, mailing kind words is a tangible way that we can let someone know that they are loved and thought of.   Words, written on paper can be kept and re-read, in times of sorrow and loneliness.   Give that to the people you love.  (even to the ones you just like…)

Say something nice.   Put it on paper and mail it to someone you care about.

Let’s make this a month to love each other back to wellness.

Written by Catherine Mitchell, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist serving the Durham Region.

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